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Andrew Bowen, M.Photog., CPP

Andrew Bowen Creative

I am an Engineer/Philosopher/Artist who found his niche in collaborating with movement artists to give their artistic voice a photographic expression.

Though born in Ohio, I was raised in Pittsburgh and consider Pittsburgh my hometown. I attended the University of Pittsburgh, where I earned a BA in Philosophy and a BS in Electrical Engineering.

My first career was designing graphics processors for IBM, SGI, 3Dfx Interactive, and NVIDIA. I was part of creative teams across multiple companies that changed the landscape of computer graphics. During my time in the industry, I authored or co-authored 24 patents in computer graphics hardware and computer memory.

After 25+ years in engineering, I needed to redefine my priorities and channel that creative energy into a more humanity-centric endeavor. My goal was to take my hobbyist photography to a place not only of artistic excellence but where it could make a positive difference in other’s lives.

Initially, I focused on families, seniors, and sports. However, I had a transformative moment when I photographed my first dancer. The dancer’s need for both precision and artistry meshed perfectly with that of my photographic style, and was a moment of absolute clarity. Since that time, I have studied with world-class dance photographers, taken dance classes, and earned my Master of Photography through PPA.

The combination of Andrew Bowen Creative and Andrew Bowen Studios (focused on the needs of students and individual dancers), has fully realized my goal for making a positive impact on a very personal level while creating new work and experimenting with new techniques continually.

I currently reside in Greensboro, NC with my wife of 25+ years, Andrea. We always keep a light on for visits from our daughter, who now resides in Washington DC.